Studies show that children who do not read or have access to books during the summer lose up to 2 months of reading performance. All children may fall victim to the “summer slide” if not provided with summer reading opportunities. So how do parents prevent the summer slide? The top ten ways are:

1. Read–2. Read–3. Read–4. Read–5. Read–6. Read–7. Read–8. Read–9. Read–10. Read

Some other ways to help prevent this are to:

1. Visit your local library! Get involved in the summer reading program

2.Get your child a library card and ask your local librarians for book suggestions

3. Be sure your child reads at least 20 minutes a day.

4. Set a good example. When your child sees you reading and enjoying a book or a newspaper article, you are sending a message that reading is important and valuable.

5. Read to your child. When you read to your child, they hear the rhythm of language. Be sure to read with expression! Changing your voice for different characters and increasing your volume during exciting parts are only a few ways to keep children engaged.

Reading is the single most impactful activity for children in the summer. So, have a happy and healthy summer! Be sure to read, read and read some more! Not only can you prevent the summer slide, you can help accelerate reading growth. Happy reading!!!!!!

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